Nobody learns like apes.

Krishang Nadgauda

Krishang Nadgauda / June 18, 2021

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Crypto apes are amongst the first few folks to engage with budding financial infrastructure that'll support a better future. Beneath the hentai memes and hodl chants, lies an enthusiasm for rediscovering concepts of 'money' and the like; concepts that are fundamental to civilization.

Apes get rekt by ponzis, largely because they're on the frontlines. They're the vagabonds of Discord, scouting the next high school kid building the next million dollar protocol. Apes get rekt in interesting ways; their shortcomings on the crypto frontier are lessons for the entire crypto ecosystem.

In some sense, apes never learn. But let me tell you — nobody learns like the apes. A complex DeFi protocol with multiple tokens and points of staking? You'll find apes asking sophisticated questions in the protocol's #questions channel. A hack that drains a protocol off enough ETH to buy a few islands? Apes will resist with hopes of a comeback in Twitter threads for months on end.

A starry eyed yearning for learning and earning drives the apes. The Ape Vision is to be respected.


The Ape Standard is here to fulfill the appetite for thorough, non-oversimplified explanations of the adventures of apes. The crypto ecosystem is building core infrastructure for the long term. Flash trends and crashes may sometimes shroud that mission, but we expect such highs and lows in the early days of innovating.

I find that studying the roots of innovations make those innovations intuitive. You can treat a DEX as a simple tool for swapping one token for another, and stop there. But "DEX", "token", "swapping" — these snappy terms package several innovations, and they deserve strong explanations that make them intuitive, if not completely digestible.

I want to make The Ape Standard a place where you get those strong explanations, and a community searching for and coming up with them.


The Ape Standard, as a piece of the web, has its own roadmap. I won't tout the wonders of a crypto world, and then go set up a Web2 subscription system.

Over time, I plan to use and build crypto native community tools to build out The Ape Standard community and community space. Several 'earn crypto by learning crypto' models have been implemented across platforms — some successful and some not. The Ape Standard shall implement one of its own.

I got to chat with a reader of The Ape Standard, for the first time, this week. We said our hello's on Twitter and had a nice Zoom call discussing the NFT doom article and other crypto things. It's time to gather 'round the earnest apes.